What we do on campus training.

These training programs are managed at the college campus. Specialists from Technodove Group will visit in college and plan training program. We favor 5 to 6 hours a day and whole week schedule.the final program is fixed up by our sales delegate,will work with the college management. The final program can be worked out in a position to be convenient to all. Placement training will be led in the college premises which covers technical and delicate skills training.We gather that the youngsters can be entirely guided by a combination of youngsters. Our managers who are youthful engineers from the management will keep the learners motivated and observant during the sessions.

What is the benefit of campus training by Techodove Group.

There are too many Institution and companies of Indian as well as other countries proving campus training but our vision is different we do campus training not for money just because of we want to hunt too many young sharp candidates and with proving campus training program we trained too many youngsters and teach them how you should be if you are looking for getting hired to best companies. our program is beneficial not only for the student but also for college administration also we saved the time of student by do not have to go out for training.